You 2.0: On Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

25 10 2011

What would you look like, if you were operating at the top of your game?

  What if the best possible version of you, turned up in the circumstances you are currently in?

What would that ‘best you’ do differently?

The best changes in our life do not come about by happenstance, or luck. They are imposed on our environment from the inside out – they happen when something CHANGES on the inside of us and blasts its way out from our hearts into the world outside. And they are changes that can only be made by us, when we reach that moment when we decide things are going to be different.

Think about some of the most important areas of your life.

Health & Fitness – if a world class athlete (rugby player, Olympic swimmer, bodybuilder) awoke in your body, it is guaranteed that in 6 weeks time your physique would be unrecognisable. Why can’t you do the same thing? Ask yourself, what would that athlete be doing (and MAKING time for) that you aren’t doing now?


Business & Career – if Richard Branson or 26 year old Mark Zuckerberg awoke in your body, what do you think your level of success, reputation and impact would be within 1-2 months? Ask yourself what would they be doing differently, and start thinking of how you can DO those things.




 Relationships – how would the BEST version of you operate in your relational sphere? How would that ‘you’ connect to, relate to, and treat your loved ones, friends and family, and even those new people who you want to build relationships with? How would those relationships improve (and how much would your levels of satisfaction and happiness grow) in 1-2 months?


  Self-investment – world class people, those who change the planet, are almost without fail, people who invest in themselves. They take (and usually MAKE) the time to reflect, consider their lives and work out what’s going well, what could be improved on, evaluate where they are in relation to where they would like to be, and how they could get closer to that ever-changing goal! The process of growth cannot happen without change, and the best growth comes from change that is self-initiated. Encourage yourself as much as you can by using the resources you have access to – books, CDs and seminars or one or two people you find inspiring to be around.

We all want to be better people. But rather than allowing that vague sense of  ‘you’re doing it wrong’ niggle at you “like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad” (to quote Morpheus from The Matrix), stop ignoring it, and start to pay attention to it and ENGAGE with it. Change can be a scary thing, but if you are willing to consider yourself and where you are at honestly, you will open up the way to move forward. And the world that opens up to those courageous enough to embrace change, is AMAZING.

As a wise man once said, the difference between who you ARE and who you WANT to be, is what you DO.
–          Quinton




Stuck? 6 Keys to Breakthrough..

23 02 2010

How many times have you faced a situation or a time in your life where you just felt STUCK. In a rut, as it were. Here are some quick keys to breakthrough..

1. Get some direction. Ask yourself what you actually want – “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?” You’ll never get momentum without a sense of direction.

2. Realise you have a choice! You may not be able to control you circumstances, but you can control your response. There is a difference between responding and reacting. The difference lies in the seat of control – are you occupying it, or your circumstances?

3. Acknowledge the things that block you from responding. Fear of taking responsibility, fear of failure, fear of others’ opinions, fear….. The first step to beat any problem is to recognise its existence. “Know your enemy to defeat it”.

4. Share your goals with someone else (who will support you)! Accountability yields commitment. I was talking with some friends recently about why we don’t do this, and realised that either:

a. We fear falling short of others expectations (what-if-I-fail?) and so try to play down our goals or keep them private, or

b. We fear that the goal itself may be seen as too small (a bit silly or easy) – or too big (who do you think you are?) – in the eyes of others when we share it.

In short, we fear people’s reactions to the actual goal, and then we fear their potential reaction should we fail to achieve it. If it’s too small, they’ll laugh at us. If it’s too big, we might fail and expose ourselves to ridicule. Solution is in the next point…

5. Don’t let other people hold you back with the same reasoning and negativity that they hold their own lives back with! Realise that everyone has hopes and goals, but most people fail to achieve them – for lack of courage and lack of proactiveness. So don’t fear the critics! US President Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“…the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic – the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done.”

6. And finally, realise that the times where you are most held back from doing something (by fear, lack of faith etc), will often be the times where if you push through, you will experience the greatest reward and success!

Discovering diamonds

21 03 2009

Diamonds are forever

Stepping into line with the 21st Century…

After months of blogging on Facebook, and procrastinating setting up a proper blog, I have finally dragged myself by the ear (or hair, whichever fits best with your mental image), and uploaded myself to WORDPRESS.

So. What can you expect from this blog?

If all goes according to plan… posts here will include (among other things) motivation; inspiration; challenge. This blog is essentially ME preaching to mySELF and anyone else who happens to be passing by. Some people might find the positive focus one-sided. Talk is cheap, isn’t it? My response: you can’t practice what you preach, if you never preach.  You can’t acheive a goal if you haven’t defined it; it is impossible to reach a destination – and unlikely that you’ll head in the right direction – if you haven’t taken a map or made a plan, first.

So in view of that, the more motivation, wisdom, inspiration, and tellings-off you can get along the way, the better.

Why “1000 Diamonds”?

The “1000 Diamonds” idea came from one of my favourite songs, Wish You Were Here by Incubus:

I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy

I wish you were here

I lay my head onto the sand
The sky resembles a backlit canopy
With holes punched in it
I’m counting UFOs
I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment I am happy

(When was the last time you had an experience, by yourself, life this?)

Life’s a beach, they say. Sometimes I wonder if, in our 21st Century busyness, we’re so busy running along that beach to catch up with the people ahead of us, or just to reach the next landmark and set a new “personal best”, that we forget to look around and see the scenery of the world and the people around us. We also forget that, hidden in the sand beneath our feet, there are strewn thousands of diamonds – glittering jewels of wisdom, insight and inspiration for us to find if we but stoop down to look for them. Some of these diamonds are uncut, rough, and natural – gems of brilliance left for us by nature herself. These ones are the hardest to find, and require washing, cutting and polishing to bring out the shine of truth inside. Other diamonds are left there by those who have gone before us – some forgotten and dropped in the sand, and others carefully placed for us to find them, by other beach-walkers eager to share what they’ve picked up along the way, and keen to see a fellow-traveller discover something new.

1000 Diamonds. This blog aims to dig around and sift through the sands of experience and thought, and uncover some of these diamonds of wisdom, insight and inspiration, in order to present them to YOU. Hopefully every now and then, one or two of them will catch your eye and strike you in a way that sticks in your mind, uplifts you and helps you along your way for a while.

Some of these diamonds will be rough-cut thoughts of my own, freshly unearthed from my own experience; a little grubby, but still holding potential and maybe even value. Others will be jewels found, cut and polished by others who have displayed them elsewhere. Whichever diamonds catch your eye, I hope you take them, look at them, and benefit somehow from the discovery, appreciation, or deeper understanding of something valuable. The sands of time may disappear, but diamonds are forever.

Happy treasure hunting.