Stop Waiting to LIVE….

5 07 2012

Here is a fantastic ‘thought piece’ quoted by branding specialist, speaker and author Richard Sauerman. A brief effort at detective work on my part proved fruitless and I was unable to track down the original author, but  elsewhere it’s been titled “Life Lessons From The National Geographic Channel”.

Enjoy. And more importantly, let it challenge you! Life is short.

–  Quinton



When you are born, you will share your birthday with 18 million people.

During your twelve years at school you will have an average of 17 friends.

By the time you’re 40 that number will have dropped down to 2.

You will grow 950km of hair.

You will laugh an average of 15 times a day.

You will walk the equivalent of 3 times the circumference of the Earth.

You will eat 30 tonnes of food.


You will drink over 9,000 cups of coffee.

You will have one chance in 10 of being electrocuted.

On average, you will spend 10 years of your life at the office.

20 years sleeping.

3 years on the toilet.


7 months waiting in traffic.

2 months waiting on hold on your iPhone.

6 years texting.

8 years watching TV

and 19 days looking for the remote.


This will leave you with less than one fifth of your life to actually live.