Donate to Movember and Fight Men’s Cancer

16 11 2011

Mid last year, my invincible, always-healthy dad was sat down by another dad who happened to be wearing a white doctor’s coat. That man told my dad that he had cancer.

Cut to a year later, and my dad has made it through and is doing well. Having had an emergency-speed operation, subsequent scans have given him the all-clear. It wasn’t a minor one either – he had to have an entire kidney completely removed, and we were all very, very fortunate it hadn’t gone any further.

The reason my dad is still living today, and able to laugh with me and joke around (and hug my Mum), is because of medical research, early detection and technology. Research takes MONEY to fund and government support is nowhere near enough to fund the research that needs to be funded. In in 1999, an aspiring group of young men in Adelaide came up with the idea of growing moustaches to raise funds for men’s health charity. MOVEMBER was born.

I am raising funds for Movember this year (for the first time ever) by growing a mo until the end of the month. As you can see, I do NOT look good with  a mo’. So please make it worth my while, and if you have the time or inclination, make a small ($5 or $10) donation here to Movember:

Some quick stats about Movember.

  • Year started: 2004.
  • The Cause: fight prostate cancer (70%) & male depression (30%) by supporting brave sufferers & funding research.
  • Total funds raised to date: $178m by over 1.1m participants globally.
  • Funds raised last year: $72m by 447,808 participants.
  • How much gets sucked up in admin/fundraising costs? ONLY 6%. For every $100 you give, $61 goes to Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Australia & BeyondBlue depression initiative, and $30 to Movember Foundation prostate cancer research & support programs. $3 is retained to ensure the Foundation will stick around in the long term (a damn good idea I think).

Last year 3,300 men were told they had prostate cancer. None of them expected to hear that. The next one could be your dad, brother, husband or even you. I’ve kickstarted donations with $50 but if you can donate even $5 will help! Donate HERE:

Thanks all!!

– Quinton




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