Finish Strong in the Home Stretch

26 11 2010

Adapted from an article by Craig Jarrow of Time Management Ninja.

It’s nearly December! Can you believe it? 2010 is almost over. It’s the home stretch. Only 5 weeks left until 2011.

For many businesses, the year feels like it’s already over. Same for many people.

What do you have left to get done this year? Are you still on track to reach your goals? DON’T DROP THE BALL! Keep going! Don’t let the year trail off into a quiet whisper of wishful thinking. It’s time for an all out SPRINT TO THE FINISH!

Where Are You Going to Finish?

Progress check: Are you where you wanted to be on your goals? The year is 83.3% done. Are your goals?Even if you are not on track, the last few weeks of the year can be a great time to get ahead. Often, December is lost to holidays, travel, and more. However, it can also be a great time to dedicate (or re-dedicate) yourself to reaching your goals.

Sprinting to the Finish

With 2 months left in the year, you are not going to make up ground that you did not cover in the first 10. However, there are many ways that you can still make significant progress. Here are just a few ways to sprint towards your goals in the final months of the year:

  1. Work When Others Are Not – Many people, (and even businesses), slack off during the final two months of the year. Some essentially shutdown. Use this to your advantage. When others are slacking, increase your output. I find that I get more done during this time, when others are not working.
  2. Do a Power Surge – The final two months of the year are a great time to do a productivity surge. No reason to coast to the finish. Set an aggressive goal to be completed in this short time frame. I am actually starting a new (secret) project today that is to be completed by January 1st. The short time window helps drive my productivity.
  3. Sprint to the Finish – No matter what the status of your current goals, do not let up during the home stretch. Sprint to the finish even if you are falling short of where you wanted to be. You will still be that much closer to your goals.
  4. Ask For Help – Many times when we are not reaching our goals, we let up. We give up our progress and momentum. This is the time to tell your pride to “suck it up” and ask for help. You are probably closer than you think to success and maybe you need some assistance to push across that finish line.
  5. Do Not Wait to Set New Goals – Start goals now. You don’t have to wait to start new goals. New Year’s is an artificial date. You can start goals anytime. If you are not where you want to be, now is the time to set a path. Start today!

Finish Strong

The year is not over yet. But, 2011 will be here before you blink. There is more than a full month left. Where will your goals be when the year ends? Dedicate yourself do driving hard in the final few weeks. Let’s finish strong in the home stretch.

What do you want to finish this year? Where do your goals stand?




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