23 06 2010

Nobody has the answers.

Nobody is listening to you.

Nobody is looking out for your interests.

Nobody will lower your taxes.

Nobody will fix the education system.

Nobody knows what he is doing running the country.

Nobody will make us energy independent.

Nobody will cut government waste.

Nobody will clean up the environment.

Nobody will tell the truth.

Nobody will avoid conflicts of interest.

Nobody will restore ethical behavior to the government, the private sector, and soceity.

Nobody will beat world hunger.

Nobody will spend your tax dollars wisely.

Nobody feels your pain.

Nobody wants to give peace a chance.

Nobody predicted the Iraq War would be a disaster.

Nobody warned that the housing bubble would collapse.

Nobody will stand up for what’s right.

Nobody will be your voice.

Nobody will tell you what the others won’t.

Nobody has a handle on this.

Nobody, but YOU, that is.

Never forget, a small group of people can CHANGE THE WORLD.

No one else ever has.

–          Micah Sifry, cofounder of the Personal Democracy Forum.




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