Wishful Thinking v Positive ACTION

1 03 2010

Here is a very thought-provoking article by Dr. Michael Kaye – wellness consultant, coach, author and speaker.

I like the point he makes: thinking positive is important. But only to the extent that it leads to a change in behaviour or choices. Because thoughts without action are daydreams.

“Do something” – today.



I’m not sure when it happened. Could it be? Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the course of my life, I have become a positive person? I don’t really see myself as a positive person— at least not as a mountaintop-visualization type of person who is ‘manifesting abundance’ and ‘unlocking the keys of the universe’. I see myself as a realist. Here’s a question: Can I be a positive person and still remain realistic?

It’s not a matter of perceiving my glass as half full or half empty. To me, the glass of water just is. It holds no bearing for me in any way; it’s just a matter of measurement. Some will say half full and some will say half empty—both are right. Changing one’s life or pursuing one’s goals and dreams does not begin by thinking positive. It begins with taking action. Here is my positive thought—I am positive that if I take action on my goals and dreams, I will have a greater chance of achieving them. If I take no action, then my chance of accomplishing any of my goals is zero.

Will all my goals be realized? Probably not. Is that having a negative attitude? No, it’s being realistic. Does that mean I should not work on my goals or dreams? No, not at all. Being a positive person is important. It’s healthier for you. It will definitely attract more people to you. It is easier for a positive person to develop relationships than it is for a negative, down-trodden individual.

My mindset…things and life will and can get better. That does not mean that they will get better if you stick your head in the sand and only wish for changes in life. Wishing is fun, but it’s not an action step. You may want to change your life scenario by wishing and ‘manifesting’, but doing so will probably not change the scenario.

I look to the possibilities in life and hope the same for you.

Life is a possibility!

Life is an opportunity!

What will you do with your life?

Dr. Michael Kaye

Knowledge -> Action -> Results




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