Anthony Hopkins: “Success smells like Malibu…”

3 02 2010

From Success Magazine, February Issue

Anthony Hopkins—he prefers Tony— has always had an overriding ambition to be successful financially and professionally. Best known for his Oscar-winning role as Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs, Hopkins has been acting for over 50 years and earned some of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry.

Now 72, he remains fit, focused and driven in his other pursuits as painter and composer. He shared some of his life philosophies that have helped him achieve exactly what he wanted with SUCCESS:

Keep pushing yourself. “I think it’s very necessary to have a tension in life that keeps us moving. If we become totally peaceful, we die.”

Choose to use anger constructively. “It gives you enough GRRRR to help you rise above it, or it sucks you down into the mud. Sometimes a good degree of constructive anger can get you going.”

Preparation yields confidence. Hopkins is known for the amount of preparation he puts into acting. “Once it’s in the memory banks, it’s secure.… And you go on set or to rehearsal and you’re at ease, at peace.”

Be careful what you feed your brain. “What happens if you pour negative information in there, or positive information? You change the balance of your nature.”




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