Where is your time going?

13 01 2010

This morning I read the following article by author Bob Gass, inspired by a verse in the Bible where the Jewish king David writes “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).

The article made me think – hope it does for you too. Enjoy!



Our days are like identical suitcases, but some people pack more into them than others. That’s because they know how to pack.

Everybody gets twenty-four hours, but not everybody gets the same return on them. The truth is, you don’t manage your time, you manage your life. Time cannot be controlled; it marches on no matter what you do. Nobody, no matter how shrewd, can save minutes from one day to spend in another. No scientist is capable of creating new minutes. With all his wealth, Warren Buffett can’t buy additional hours for his day.

People talk about trying to ‘find time,’ but they need to stop looking; there isn’t any extra lying around. Twenty-four hours is the best any of us is going to get.

Wise people understand that time is their most precious commodity. As a result, they know where their time goes. They continually analyse how they are using their time and ask themselves, ‘Am I getting the best use out of my time?’

In his book What To Do Between Birth and Death: The Art of Growing Up, Charles Spezzano writes: ‘You don’t really pay for things with money, you pay for them with time. We say, “In five years, I’ll have enough money put away for that vacation house we want. Then I’ll slow down.” That means the house will cost you five years; one-twelfth of your adult life. Translate the dollar value of the house, car, or anything else into time, and then see if it’s still worth it.’




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13 01 2010

That’s a great way to work out what things really cost. Thanks for sharing it…

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