Do Epic Sh*t

18 12 2009

This one will be a short one. Taken from Life Coaching website




I recently heard a presentation called “Try Making Yourself More Interesting,” by speaker Brian Oberkirch. In his discussion, he presented the following, easy guidance:

Do Epic Sh*t

Many of us aren’t doing epic sh*t because we think we’re not big enough to do it. Or that it’s better to start with something small and that smallness defines our ambition indefinitely. Or that epic sh*t is stuff that epic people do.

Wrong. Everyday people do epic sh*t and then become epic. They weren’t born that way.

Okay, so you may not like “Do Epic Sh*t” as a mantra. You might prefer to think along the lines of “Create Something Remarkable” a la Seth. They’re saying the same thing, though.

What are you doing that’s epic? Why is it worth talking about? Why should other people care?

Rather than do something small and work like hell to build a story around it, do epic sh*t and let it speak for itself.




One response

18 12 2009

Love it – love your post, love the back of the receipt poetry (linked as possibly related post – don’t know if you saw it), love the inspiration…

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