Run Towards Your Fear

10 12 2009

Edward Norton is an actor who you may know from his roles as the narrator/main character in Fight Club, and “Derek” in American History X. Recently he ran the NYC Marathon with 3 Maasai tribesmen, to raise funds and awareness for Africa’s wildlife and wilderness. In an interview about the challenge, he said the following, which I find INSPIRING:

“Running has always been a means to an end, in my experience. I’ve run in training for sports, run to be in shape for climbing or diving, run to change my body for a role in film, but I’ve never really run a race or run just to run. I’ve never run a marathon.

The fact that I’ve never done it, and that the difficulty of it intimidates me, is part of my motivation to do it. I’ve often found that pushing myself toward fear produces extremely interesting experiences. When I feel very unsure of my ability to pull something off or the outcome seems very uncertain I usually learn a lot no matter what the end result.”

Makes you think!





2 responses

10 12 2009

Well that settles it.. I’ve just got to go running towards that steep cliff I’ve always been afraid of 😉

14 12 2009
Quinton McCauley

Haha… lemmings anyone?


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