Self Discipline & Stepping Up

5 08 2009

step up

I was recently reading some thoughts on self-discipline by author and speaker Steve Pavlina. A great quote from his article says:

Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could simply get yourself to follow through on your best intentions no matter what. Picture yourself saying to your body, “You’re overweight. Lose 20 pounds.” Without self-discipline that intention won’t become manifest. But with sufficient self-discipline, it’s a done deal. The pinnacle of self-discipline is when you reach the point that when you make a conscious decision, it’s virtually guaranteed you’ll follow through on it.

How much more could we achieve, if we didn’t waste so much time trying again to do what we planned to do last week/month/year (but didn’t follow through on)? Along these lines, here is an inspirational message from – website of an elite personal trainer based in NYC. It challenged me – hope you get something out of it, too. It’s time we all stepped up to the mark (or “scratch” as he calls it) a bit more! Please note – this guy uses dog-fighting as an illustration – neither he nor I condone it! However it does make for a powerful allegory.

– Quinton


In the underground world of dog fighting, to find a champion – to breed with a champion, to make a champion bloodline – they use one simple test.

A scratch or line is drawn in the centre of the fighting arena. The dogs are brought to the line and let loose to do what’s necessary. After an allotted time they are split. Not every dog makes it back to the scratch a second time… Either they choose not to or physically cannot. But for the ones who do make it back to the line, round after round, fight after fight will have their champion bloodline move on.

Every morning that YOU get up, you have a scratch before you.

· Just by stepping out of bed when you said you would, you step up to the scratch.

· By making a healthy breakfast choice, you step up to the scratch.

· By making it to the gym you step up to the scratch.

· By working for 4 hours straight with no distraction, no interruption, you step up to the scratch.

· By dominating your finances, not letting them control you, step up to the scratch.

Not everybody answers the scratch…

So my question to you is: Which type of dog are you?

Let’s make this more than just some wishful idea you jot down on a notepad and forget about. Make a deal with yourself and embed it into your character…BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHAMPION!

What is the scratch that lies before you?