Where’s Your Sense of Wonder?

26 05 2009


While searching through some old emails yesterday, I came across something I wrote a while ago – June 19, 2004, to be exact. Enjoyed reading it again after so long (had almost forgotten about it). Picture a young family walking on the beach in the early evening, when the stars are just coming out. A carefree kid – maybe 4 years old – suddenly notices a shooting star. The kid looks up and his easily impressed mind thinks “woww” as he is struck by the stunning twilight sky. This could have been you, at some time in your childhood – a moment long forgotten. As we grow up and become adults, it’s easy to lose our sense of wonder at the awesomeness of creation, of the world we live in. (Remember “Finding Neverland”?). Anyway – here it is. Enjoy.

– Quinton

Wondering – by Quinton McCauley



That time when you were little

And innocent


Out one summer evening

Running carefree on sand unspoiled

Playful salty rhythms splashing

Up between your toes



As mum and dad walked behind

Arm in arm

Watching, smiling


Then remember

How you stopped

All of a sudden

Your eye caught by something


A glimmer

A flash of fleeting existence

Falling briefly

In the fading sky



How you looked up

Then noticed

For the first time

The universe




Spread out before you

A wondering child



How you could not bring yourself

To look down


Mum and dad smiled


But you wondered


You are older now

Years have changed your world

But remember



Remember to wonder

And never to look down




One response

27 05 2009

Another great post. Thanks for sharing.

It reminded me of a night 11 years ago when my daughter (who was 7) spotted the first star of the night. She made a wish… knowing she could wish for anything in the world… she wished that her aunt (who had terminal breast cancer) would get better…

It’s amazing how kids can be great teachers

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