Great Quotes From Great Thinkers…

10 05 2009

Just thinking....

Here are some of my favourite quotes I’ve come across in the last week or two. Thought I’d post them here – maybe one or two will strike a chord with you. Enjoy.


You can eat whatever you want or you can get into the finest fitness of your life. But you can’t do both. Pick.

–          Robin Sharma

“The perfect time to be your best and do your dreams will never come. That’s just a lie we sell ourselves. DIN (Do It Now)!”

–          Tony Robbins

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

–          Andy Warhol

“People have no idea the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”

–          Tony Robbins

“Victims say ‘why me?’ while victors think ‘it’s up to me’.

–          Tony Robbins

“Value = Benefit/Price”. So don’t lower your price to increase value. Add benefits.

–          Seth Godin

The response to fear should not be frightened reaction but bolder action.

–          Robin Sharma

Critics only speak up when they see someone shining. Average work doesn’t threaten them.

–          Robin Sharma

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

–          Mario Andretti

Reading is steroids for the mind.

–          Robin Sharma




4 responses

11 05 2009

.. hmm I definitely pick eating what I want…

14 05 2009
Quinton McCauley

Haha – appreciating the moment aye? 😉


4 01 2011
2010 in review « 1000 Diamonds

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15 07 2011
Morrie~life quotes~Levona

Just a little off topic perhaps, but, I’m frequently asked why would anyone need to use life quotes. I mean, how important can such quotes be? After all, insprational quotes are only words.

Well typically, you might use life quotes for a variety of good reasons. Using a string of influential quotes in any media will present you as an extremely well educated, clever, intellectual and authoritative figure. Dropping some life quotes makes you look like some kind of super guru. Life quotes gives any written report a powerful air of trustworthiness or authority. Whether in a college essay, a school thesis, a captivating post, or even a business report, carefully selected lifes quotes are certain to add that bit of class.

Then, if you’re called upon to deliver a speech, or an oration of any kind, commencing with motivational quotes will grab attention, or amuse, or otherwise captivate your audience like almost nothing else can. Everyone from high school debating teams to country presidents use life quotes. Therefore, should you fail to use quotations, you miss out big-time. The very best of British luck to you. Thank you for allowing me to share this rant.

Appreciate the presentation of your weblog, incidentally. In the infamous words of our beloved Arnold S, “I’ll be back” (if you’ll have me) 🙂

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