On Men & Women…

5 05 2009

Men vs. Women

Couldn’t resist this funny but remarkably true quote, by comedian Dave Barry.

Guys are simple… women are not simple, and they naturally assume that men must be just as complicated as they are, only way more mysterious. The whole point is that in fact, guys are not thinking much. They are, actually, just what they appear to be. Tragically.

Hehe. Too true (take it from a guy).





3 responses

7 05 2009

lol really?
then that should make a whole lot easier for me.
Guys do appear mysterious but that’s probably because we are creating another side of them in our minds.
If guys are really simple, that takes the fun out of courtship as there’s no exploring needed.. as it’s already there.

14 05 2009
Quinton McCauley

Jokes aside, maybe complexity is not so much an absolute quality in the object, as it is a relative thing tied to one’s perception of the object. To girls, girls are simple. To men, men are simple. To each other…… limited understanding => perception of impossibly rubix-like complexity!

But I still think men are more simple in that we think/analyse others a whole lot less, and also when we do/say something generally there aren’t any hidden meanings or motives – we’re pretty open (not always a good thing of course). Then again, I may be biased 🙂


11 05 2009

…this does explain some things….

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