The Call on Your Life

4 05 2009

What's yours?






Best-selling author and international speaker Robin Sharma writes as follows:


Your life is no accident. You are here for a purpose, some central mission that has the potential to make you extraordinary. Some main aim that – once focused on – breaks all chains that might have previously bound you. Your challenge is to discover that call. (Hint: it generally exists right where you are).

There are no extra people on the planet. Each one of us has our own unique form of genius and authenticity within us – aching to be accessed. The sad fact is that too many amongst us let the busyness of our lives suffocate the deeper call of our hearts. Rather than leading and being our best today, we lie to ourselves and say we’ll make the changes we need to make when the conditions are better. And that day never comes.

So we slowly shut down. The call becomes quieter. Discouragement sets in. We start to medicate ourselves with too much TV or technology. We smile the fake smile and coast out a life – telling people that being brilliant is a fate selected for the chosen few. Rather than realizing the truth: we wasted our lives.

Today – not tomorrow – is the time to be great.

Makes you think…





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