Technology fast! Free your mind…

30 04 2009

Free your mind

Guys, I have decided to go on a technology fast! For more of an idea of why I’m doing this, check out the article & comments below – taken from the Jamaican newspaper I had the idea first, then googled “technology fast” to see if anyone else had done it before – and the article came up! Hits the nail on the head – and whether you are christian, non-christian, religious or not religious, I think HUGE benefits can be gained from doing this. Test yourself. Reckon you could do it?

Anyway – I will be offline till 10am Saturday 2nd May (starting small). See you on the other side!

LIVE to the MAX.



Technology fast – crazy or cool?

Published: Saturday | April 4, 2009


At the beginning of Lent, Roman Catholic bishops in Italy called for a ‘fast’ from the technology buzz that keeps many youths up way past bedtime. This means no iPods, text messaging, instant messaging and hours-long Internet surfing. Saturday Life asked Catholics and non-Catholics for their take on the issue.


Sherese Ijewere, 31, a practising Catholic for 23 years, residing in Nigeria:

I think fasting is a way of discipline of oneself, a reminder that we are not of the world and can do without worldly things. My kids fasted from TV for five weeks. It was not too hard because I only allow them to watch TV once a week. So, a technology fast is OK. The time frame might be a bit difficult, but if practised, it can be done.


Tracy-Ann Vujic, 31, accountant, Spain:

I think the bishops’ call is relevant to the climate we live in today. Personally, it would be easier for me to sacrifice food, as I would go through serious withdrawal if I could not check my email. Just walk into any restaurant and you will see people glued to their laptops, BlackBerrys, palms, iPhones, etc., while the food in front of them goes cold. We have become slaves to technology, oftentimes at the expense of our relationships with God, our families and friends. How many of us have been asked by our bosses to make sure that we take our BlackBerrys with us on our family vacation? How many times do you see people hunched over in church texting and checking email or rushing out of service to take a phone call? How many of us would rather send a text message than pick up the phone to call a friend? Is it realistic to ‘unplug’? I would say yes. We would be surprised at how human we could be for a change. Fasting helps us to reconnect with God, refuel and refocus on our purpose.


Juliet (last name withheld), a non-Christian in her 20s, Jamaica:

Boy, I think that move would be hard. I can’t picture myself not having, much less not using, my BlackBerry. It’s like a fifth limb. I guess I probably could go a week without TV or the Internet or iPod, but the cellphone is a bit hard. And if technology includes newspapers and magazines, I’m not sure that would work either. But the idea of giving up something for a greater, deeper cause is appealing. It rings of strength, dependence on God and the need/will to be better.


Leonie Anderson Sims, confirmed Catholic at age 15, US:

The idea of a technology fast is a good one. As a young Catholic, fasting included giving up one thing for the 40 days, be it cursing, television, eating junk food, etc. I was aware of fasting, but was never totally educated regarding the benefits. I just completed a 40-day fast and the benefits are amazing. I began my fast by abstaining from television, radio, secular music. Saying my eyes were opened and my heart was lifted is an understatement. I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if I did a complete technology fast.


Yanique (surname withheld), in her 30s, Florida:

I am not Catholic, but I think a tech fast is a very good idea. If abstaining from food can give so much clarity in mind, imagine how much clearer the mind would be if the TV, radio, computer, newspapers, etc., were put aside. I don’t know how realistic it would be to do this for 40 days, but it can be done for a shorter period, I think. Anything that can give more time with God, more time for soul searching, meditation, spiritual cleansing and strengthening is worth it.




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4 05 2009

technology fast? I’m not sure how you’ll manage it – you’ll probably get withdrawals 🙂 like I would.

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