How do YOU start your day?

24 04 2009

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

How do you START your day?

It’s been said that the direction and habits of one’s life (as well as your personality and character) are HUGELY impacted by upbringing, childhood experiences, role models observed while growing up, etc. In other words, how you START your life is one of the biggest determining factors in how it will turn out!

Apply this to your day.

How do you START your day? Being a “sanguine” (stereotypes aren’t always reliable, but they interest me all the same), I tend to be disorganised, and have a “she’ll be right” attitude to many things, including the passage of TIME. This typically means I will stay in bed as long as humanly possible in the mornings, get up at the last minute, allowing myself all of 25 minutes to shower, dress, shave, eat breakfast and fly out the door! Natural outcome, of course, is that I find myself sprinting for the train / ferry three mornings out of five, and get to work stressed, unfocused and distracted. The first few hours of mornings like this are spent trying to wind down! Bad way to start the day.

Yesterday, I sat down and decided to make a few much-needed changes to my lifestyle. Small ones, but it’s funny how “small” and “significant” go together when it comes to the impact that your lifestyle habits have on you. I’m convinced that it’s the small daily choices we make often have a greater impact on our level of happiness and success than the big “life decisions” we tend to agonise about.

One of the decisions I made yesterday was to start getting up an hour earlier, and giving myself time to ease into the day at my own pace, appreciate the stillness of the morning, and give myself time to think and PLAN my day – a proactive, intentional approach instead of a reactive, “keeping the hounds at bay” approach. I’m pleased to say that this morning was FANTASTIC. Such a small decision, but what a difference it made! I’m on the ferry to work now, and I am relaxed, focused, happy, and ready to power into my work day without the stress of feeling “rushed” messing up my thoughts and throwing me off balance.

I have the distinct feeling that my whole day is going to be alot better for it.

How do YOU start your day? Think about it. How nice would it be if you gave yourself an extra half hour, or hour, in the mornings – to read, listen to music, shower, eat breakfast, or just relax and take in the stillness and silence.



What are you missing out on?

What are you missing out on?




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